Raising money to help care for our large breed rescue dogs at Forget-Me-Not Inc. in Bradenton.

Giving Challenge By the Community Foundation of Sarasota County

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2022 Giving Challenge

Thank you everyone for your support!

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So what exactly is the 2022 Giving Challenge?

The 2022 Giving Challenge was organized as an online giving event. It allows nonprofits to connect with new donors and for people in the area to raise money for those local nonprofit organizations that need funding now more than ever. The challenge begins on Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 12:00 p.m. and lasts through Wednesday, April 27 until 11:59:59 a.m.

To donate, simply visit www.GivingChallenge.org. You can use a credit or debit card for the secure online donation and $25 is the minimum donation. The Patterson Foundation has generously offered to match each unique donation up to $100 per donor.

Our dogs at Forget-Me-Not Inc. waiting to be adopted into a loving home.

How We'll Use Your 2022 Giving Challenge Donations

At Forget-Me-Not Inc., we have a few fundraising goals. We are always raising money for vet bills for our dogs, as we cover all vet costs for the large dogs at our shelter. Along with routine checkups and vaccinations, our rescues also sometimes need surgery or other life-saving measures that aren't cheap.

We also provide behavioral training for any dog that needs it. Sometimes, they come from abusive situations and they need training before they can go to their forever homes. That training can cost between $1000-$3000 per dog. 

The money we raise also helps to pay for the shelter itself. We have to cover utility costs, rent, and other bills. We're also trying to build our own facility so that the rescue dogs will have more space and a room to meet their new families. With our own facility, we'll be able to save more money and allocate it toward our dog friends!

Get ready to donate in this years Giving Challenge-we hope you'll consider donating to our shelter!

On April 26-27, the 2022 Giving Challenge will help many nonprofits in the Sarasota area. We hope you'll consider donating to us, as we are a dog shelter focused on saving dogs from death row! If you're considering adopting a dog, make sure to check out our adoptable pets HERE.  Donate directly at www.GivingChallenge.org during the challenge or if you can't donate, please contact us at (941) 500-4269 to see how you can help through volunteering or fostering!

Sandor saved from the kill list and successfully adopted.

2021 was one for the books.

In June of 2021 our founder and inspiration passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. In addition to the rescue she loved and was deeply involved with, she had 20 dogs at her personal residence that now needed a new home.  We took in 12 of those dogs, all large breed dogs, in a single day.  Our first task was to make sure they were all up to date on vaccinations and had complete medical exams.  Shortly after their arrival two of those dogs required emergency, specialty care and sadly passed away.  

Through our sorrow, we were determined to move forward and find forever loving homes for the remaining dogs. We’re happy to say, all have been adopted but one sweet girl, Lily, who is still looking for her forever home. She'd love to be your co-pilot, cuddle bug, couch potato, and walking buddy.

It was a trying year but with the love, dedication, and determination of our board and volunteers, we turned the year into a success and are excited to continue our mission.

We are committed to saving the unwanted, the hard cases, the dogs that deserve their best life. 

Will you #BeTheOne to help us continue to save these deserving dogs?

Hope was rescued from a life of neglect and suffering.  She now has her whole life ahead of her

Meet Hope!

This sweet girl was picked up as a stray by Manatee County Animal Services in March 2022. When she came into their facility, she was literally skin and bones. The horrific life she must have endured was painfully obvious from the multiple scars and fresh wounds covering her body to the overbreeding she was subjected to.

We named her Hope and she has made tremendous progress since we brought her into the rescue, just a month ago. She has a soft bed, all the food and treats she could ever want, veterinary care, and love...lots of love. She has gained weight, wags her tail when she sees you now and her personality is really starting to shine through.

She's still got a long way to go, with multiple medical issues, but we're committed to giving this sweet girl the happy, healthy, love-filled life she so deserves.

Will you #BeTheOne to help us save the next emergency medical case, like Hope?


What does ‘No Kill’ mean to us?

Did you know that a rescue only needs a 90% save rate to be classified as ‘no kill’? When we say we’re no-kill, we mean it! We are proud to hold a 100% save rate, despite taking some of the hardest cases. Some of our dogs may be unable to overcome the trauma they endured before coming to us, and as such, will never be able to be adopted. So they’ll live out their lives with us, enjoy daily walks and love from our volunteers and board members. They’ll never be hurt, hungry, or shown anything but the love and compassion they deserve.

4 Ways You Can Help!

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