A volunteer laying tile at a new shelter in Bradenton for our large breed dogs that are available for adoption.

Volunteers Needed Help a big dog rescue in Bradenton, FL.

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Behind any good rescue are the volunteers that make everyday operations run smoothly.

We always need volunteers to help save large dogs in Bradenton, FL.

At Forget-Me-Not Inc., we work with local shelters that are overcrowded to save dogs that are on death row. However, we cannot do it alone. We run on blood, sweat, and the numerous volunteers that spend their time helping in one way or another.

Volunteers are the force of life behind every rescue and what helps that rescue continue its mission: to remove dogs from being euthanized and place them in a loving home.

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Do you have what it takes to volunteer? Yes!

Everyone does! Volunteering is done on your time, whether that is one hour a week or twenty hours a week. Any task you can help us with is one less task we have to try to accomplish on our own. Volunteering also gives people a sense of purpose while placing them into a community with like-minded people. Animal-loving, friendly faces, who are all working towards the same goal for these pups, constantly surround you.

One of our rescue dogs being Trained by a Forget-Me-Not Inc. volunteer.

Do you have any special skills or talents?

Running an organization such as a rescue demands many different hats to be worn. When we come across volunteers who are experts in areas, it makes a world of difference to the operation as a whole.

What kind of talents do you have? Here are some simple questions to help you figure out just how you can help our rescue mission:

  • Do you love to chat with people? Are you a great people person and enjoy being around strangers?
  • Are you a social media diva? Are posting pictures and interacting with people via comments your thing?
  • Do you love to clean things?
  • Do you love to drive? Would you consider helping with transportation?
  • Is writing your passion?
  • Do you love doing research? Are you a modern-day sleuth?
  • Have you always been a great organizer?
  • Are fundraising or sponsorship goals something you can accomplish? Is there a salesperson in you?
  • Do you love to work with others? Do you prefer to work alone at home?
  • Are you physically capable to work with the animals, which includes walking, socializing, bathing, and other tasks?

Fill out an application to volunteer!

Whether one, none, or all of those things describe you, the people and animals at Forget-Me-Not can use your help. There are no tasks too small for a volunteer to complete. Every single task is a step closer to finding a dog a fur-ever home. Click below to fill out your volunteer application today! For more questions on volunteering at the rescue, you can reach someone at (941) 500-4269.

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